Al Bergstein

Computer consulting, writer, photographer, video producer

I am an experienced IT professional with a background that includes significant project, operational and budget management; technical marketing to a global audience; proven public speaking skills to executive audiences, teaching at university level, including course curriculum development. I've set up IT teams in foreign regions, managed global IT Teams, created group process improvement, program and project management. In my last few years at Microsoft I set up a three year program for technical marketing in legacy migration.

Spent 12 years at Microsoft in a variety of management and technical roles. These included management of Network Engineering (12 direct reports), Operation Manager of Expedia (8 direct reports), Project manager for Expedia’s Data Center move (1 year), Technical Evangelist of Data Center Operations (WW role), Technical Manager for mainframe migration team, Manager of Competitive Response team in Europe (4 Direct Reports), member of the Executive Briefing Center speakers team, and Microsoft’s global speaking group, CATM.

Consulted back into Microsoft on Data Center process issues. I was called in to help do root cause analysis on issues related to 'onboarding' internal customers to their data center, order entry streamlining, delivery and setup issues, and general customer feedback loops. Setup project Sharepoint site, managed weekly international meetings via conference calls, and tracked weekly project status for management.

Specialize in long running projects.

Recently, I've been consulting on a cloud migration project off Microsoft Server 2012, AD and Exchange to all MSFT cloud services. Project completed as of late 2017.
Specialties: Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh, significant project management, technical marketing, training and small team management.

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